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The adidas COPA line has received a major update with the release of COPA Sense, which introduces several alterations to deliver optimum performance for wearers.

After carrying out research to learn where the ball makes the most contact with the foot, adidas incorporated foam elements to fill the negative space around the ankle and Achilles. These meticulously-placed Sensepods help to create a smooth connection between boot and ball.

Located on both the medial and lateral sides of the boots are additional foam components called Touchpods. Designed with the goal of providing players premier control on the ball, Touchpods absorb energy from the ball at the points where the most contact is made with the foot.

The last major innovation of COPA Sense is the inclusion of Softstuds, two studs placed beneath the medial forefoot that are injected with a softer material that allows them to bend upon impact with the ball.

COPA Sense’s seamless, classic black upper brings back Fusionskin, a material that provides true lockdown feel to keep the foot in place while also limiting water absorption. Additionally, the boot’s collar has been rotated slightly in order to better shape to the ankle.

COPA Sense features an adjusted opening that stretches with natural foot movement, a Fusionskin upper, and foam Sensepods around the ankle.

Be on the lookout for COPA Sense on the feet on some of the game’s brightest and up-and-coming players like Paulo Dybala, João Félix and Jude Bellingham.

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